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During the day, we will explore different classes and experiences to improve our connection and communication

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"The simplicity of the exercises makes it easy for anyone to experience them, regardless of prior bodily experience."

Xandy Liberato (Brasil)

Choreographer, dancer, teacher, researcher, and creator of the Liberato Method 
Since the beginning of his career 20 years ago, he has always combined his artistic life with teaching. During the last 12 years, he has conducted a research study on dance and the multidimensionality of the body in motion, the result of which is a body reeducation system through dance. 
Currently, he is sharing his knowledge in online courses and workshops, while he is in the creation process of his first book on the Liberato Method, together with his team and the technical support of the University of Valencia (Spain).


Part 1: "Principles and Values in Dance"

In this class we will focus on self-responsibility, respect, freedom of choice and listening through partner movement.

Part 2: "Sensitive communication in Partner Dance"

In this class, we will open a space in which we can experience sensitive communication in partner dance while we observe how our body moves, communicates, and feels, thus gaining more awareness when expressing our dance.

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"Our proposal is to dance freely as a couple from the connection. To do this, we will work on sensitivity, fluency and communication with oneself, the other and the environment applying the Liberato Method."

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Martha Tena (Madrid)

She is the Creator of Yoga Dance Veda.

A system that combines yoga, organic movement, psycho-corporeal techniques, Indian myths and archetypal psychology.


She is always investigating the possibilities offered by body movement as a path of self-discovery and transformation.

Archetypal Dance: Shiva Shakti "Masterclass"

Knocking on the doors of mystery: 

Breath, movement patterns and attention.


Inhabiting our bodies, feeling the impulse that goes through the tissues, and opening to the movement that comes from listening. 


From the corporeal to the subtle, and from the subtle to the body, in a continuous spiral. Polarities re-unite. Shiva's gaze bears witness to the creative power of Shakti, within corporeal landscapes.


Dance opens beyond form, and the state of presence is revealed.


We inhabit structures of movement that, opening in all directions, dissolve into themselves.

22 years ago she started on the path of yoga and meditation, as a practitioner and then as a teacher. She trained in different schools in India, Spain and Italy: Hatha Yoga, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Mahashakti Integral Yoga, as well as in traditional mantra chanting, Hindu mythology, Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy.

Justin Riley (Portland, USA)

Founder and main organizer of Recess Productions

Danced, and taught over a dozen forms of dances in 30 countries. 

Since 2005 he is a primary driving forces behind the development of the international Fusion community and he is commits to the progress of partnered dancing as a living, growing, and ever-evolving cultural art form.

In his classes, offers a complex understanding of body mechanics that open new avenues of expression and movement. He teaches the vocabulary of movement (connection, posture, frame, and musicality) to create an own unique form of expression, using imagery and kinesthetic techniques adapted from Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, and the Franklin Method. 

Musicality in Fusion "Masterclass"

Ever sit out for a song because you don't quite know how to move or dance to it? Almost all musical elements can be broken down as either lyrical or rhythmic. Learn to lead lyrically using breath and emotion, while simultaneously utilizing body isolations and pulse to keep up with the highly syncopated, dynamic rhythms of trip hop, dub-step, and other popular electronica. As a follow, fine tune your posture and frame, incorporate new elements of micro blues isolations, and become more receptive to the versatility of a fusion lead.

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Body Liquid Experience

Cris March (Valencia)

Ayurveda therapist, dancer and passionate about affective human encounters and conscious touch.

It facilitates a dynamic of undifferentiated contact, where through music, and some previous dynamics, the bodies meet, from the affective and the caress without sexual intention or genitality through a sensual and fluid journey (coconut oil), that will transport us to the feeling of being all one.


Looking for your Clown

Lucía Mendoza (Madrid)

Actress and dancer. Passionate about performing arts in all its forms, and the power they have to explore emotions and connect people.

She proposes us a workshop in which we will return to play and we will take a little look to the figure of the clown. Through different improvisation games and exercises we will work on collective listening, peripheral vision and emotional awareness as tools to learn how to be present in the moment, leting ourselves be without judgement.


Ecstatic Dance Experience

Paco Salazar (Barcelona)

Versatile artist and entrepreneur, co-founder of Blind Records, Ecstatic Dance Sunday and other giants, small projects.

Ecstatic Dance It is not a class, nor a technique, it is to practice the art of your presence and sometimes, ecstasy may happens"


As Dj Jakes, he invites us to visit different rhythms and sound landscapes, so that it is our body and its mixes that move our inner being making us travel to somewhere you can rest and dance.

"Now I am devoted to move bodies and open hearts."

Image by Jason Blackeye

Surprise teacher

Special guest!

2 hours Master class with

international teacher from Portland, USA. 

More info coming soon!

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