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Fusion Dance

Fusion Dance is not really a dance style. It is an idea, a philosophy, a conversation about music between two dance artists where music and movement allow a couple dance to be something unique and different each time.
We break down the boundaries between dance forms to allow us to choose which of the many different techniques we wish to employ at any given moment. It also means bringing the partner dance community together under one roof to help foster endless possibilities for movement creation.
We create a welcoming environment with general collective values of inclusion, equality, empowerment, creativity, non-association of role to gender, consent and freedom, opening our dance to a greater possibility of connectivity and expression.

Fusion Music

Fusion dance emphasizes musicality, and musical style can influence a fusion dancer's choice of dance style.Unlike other partner dances, fusion music is often the latest music today. That means our sounds change quite a bit following music trends and new movement styles coming into our scenes.


Many fusion dances around the world use electronic music as the basis for their sound because there is no dance form attached to this genre, which encourages dancers to break out of their "boxes". We also have live music as an active part of the community.

Be.Fusion Vibes

Fusion Dancers

We explore partner dance without being restricted to any particular genre of music, movement aesthetic, or step pattern. We are free to focus on the fundamental principles of communication between dance partners and musical performance.


We enjoy the depth of connection and understanding that can be passed between complete strangers. The willingness to listen and respond to another person's choices. The willingness to take responsibility for guiding and enhancing someone else's experience.

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